Terradepth, Inc. collects and delivers ocean data faster, cheaper, and greener for better decision-making about the ocean.  Terradepth designs and builds ocean-going robots at scale, deploys them, and delivers data through a first-of-its-kind data management solution to a wide base of commercial and government customers.

In 2005 Google Earth changed the game.  For the first time, it enabled subject matters and laypeople alike to interact with a digital geospatial environment, gather context, and explore the planet at scale.  It drove a dramatic change in the accessibility of terrestrial geospatial information which impacted all manner of decision-making regarding what we as humans do or do not do with Earth’s terrestrial resources.  Terradepth, a venture-backed technology company based in Austin, TX was founded to produce Google Earth’s equivalent for the other 71% of the planet – the world’s oceans.

We still lack an accurate and immersive virtual ocean in the interests of better and faster decision-making for what we do (and don’t do) with respect to ocean resources.  The reasons are manifold: the expense and effort required for subsea data collection, sparse and siloed datasets, and an overall lack of modern hardware and software architectures in the maritime domain.  Our inability to collect, aggregate, and visualize subsea data at scale means that the ocean remains opaque for the most part.  

Terradepth follows a holistic approach to innovation in the areas of deep ocean survey and seabed intelligence. Through specific advancements in AUV technology, and through the deployment of this technology at unprecedented scale, Terradepth intends to transform the economics of ocean data collection and delivery – and, in doing so, cross-level ocean data to a wider group of stakeholders at unmatched velocity and quality for better decision-making at scale.  Aggregated and hosted in a cloud-based data platform, this data will yield an immersive model of the undersea environment capable of driving a step-change undersea situational awareness.

Terradepth was founded in 2018 around two strategic pillars: 1) massively scale ocean data acquisition capability; and 2) radically improve the user experience with the data.  Lack of human understanding with respect to the ocean drives sub-optimal behaviors that span the gamut: from not understanding climate change, to irresponsible use of ocean-derived resources, to bad actors acting with impunity to damage existing subsea assets.

Terradepth invests a large amount of resources in scaling ocean data through autonomous robotic means – specifically with regards to deep ocean robotic autonomy.  Humans needing to supervise and attend to ocean-going robots is what makes ocean exploration both costly and risky.  Terradepth is building ocean robots that are smarter and stay out longer without human intervention.  The sheer size and volume of the ocean is also an inhibitor to knowledge, therefore Terradepth is also investing heavily in design for scaled manufacturing in order to deploy fleets of ocean collecting assets.  As Terradepth conducts its research and development efforts to change the game in data collection, it also conducts deep ocean exploration using a variety of robotic systems to collect and deliver data now to a wide variety of customers.

In the interest of radically improving the user experience with ocean data, Terradepth built Absolute Ocean from the ground up to unify subject matter experts with laypeople for seamless data ingestion, visualization, collaboration.  Absolute Ocean is a cloud native geospatial data management platform that enables on-demand data access to enterprise business units, departments or customers, regardless of geography. The platform facilitates analysis and collaboration through intuitive exploration while increasing operational efficiency and the quality control process. Providing a user-friendly, immersive interface for the visualization of vast high-resolution geospatial datasets enabling users to make better and faster maritime decisions. Alternatively, the platform can be used as marketplace where geospatial data sets can be browsed, purchased, and downloaded allowing users to monetize their archives.

Terradepth delivers on sustainability imperatives through a variety of means – whether it’s mapping carbon sequestering seagrass plains, inspecting subsea gas pipelines for asset integrity, or simply making the ocean more transparent for better and more sustainable choices.  Terradepth believes that more high quality ocean data delivered to more stakeholders will result in more responsible decision-making – which will save our oceans and, therefore, our planet.

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