Corbion Health & Nutrition is a leader in delivering nutrition-dense solutions sustainably. Corbion unleashes the power of fermentation to deliver feasible innovation in natural active nutrients for aquaculture, pet food, and human nutrition while preserving the planet’s limited resources. Our sustainable nutrient rich omega-3 range, including AlgaPrime™ DHA for the aquaculture and pet food industries and AlgaVia™ for human nutrition, helps customers sustainably enhance nutrition and reduce dependency on the ocean without impacting the carbon footprint.

With the global population on track to reach 9 billion people by 2050 – and over 3 billion people relying on seafood as a significant source of protein today – aquaculture is critical in ensuring global food security.

Yet, the seafood industry is facing severe supply challenges. Nearly 90 percent of the world’s marine fish stocks are already fully exploited, overexploited, or depleted, according to the FAO. At the same time, the demand for omega-3s grows as the population also increases. The nutrient is most commonly sourced from fish oil, but oceans can no longer provide more omega-3s without suffering impacts. Corbion is delivering much needed sustainable omega-3 solutions to address this growing demand across the animal and human nutrition industries.

Corbion harnesses the power of algae fermentation to create a more concentrated and sustainable source of omega-3. We transform sugarcane waste into algae omega-3s to provide a higher DHA concentration compared to fish oil and other alternatives. Strategically situated among sugarcane fields in Brazil and next door to a sugarcane mill, the Corbion algae fermentation facility uses renewable energy and sustainable sugarcane – one of the world’s most productive sugar sources – to produce nutrition from algae.

Corbion’s portfolio of native, whole algae feed ingredients enhance the nutritional value of seafood and pet food all while reducing dependency on omega-3-rich fish oil typically used in feed. This innovative ingredient offers security, stability, and predictability for feed manufacturers and aquaculture producers. Now the world’s leading source of sustainable algae-based omega-3s, Corbion is dedicated to continuous improvement and growth, designing and producing solutions committed to feasibility that enhances nutrition and advanced sustainability.

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