Ocean Recovery Group (ORG) is working to solve the ocean-bound plastic crisis in the Western Hemisphere by collecting, repurposing, and reintroducing ocean-bound plastics into the supply chain. ORG was founded by 4G Recycling, a leader in the recycling space, and AE Global, a packaging and supply chain solutions provider. Together, 4G Recycling and AE Global recognized the urgent need to address the escalating ocean plastic crisis. Since the company’s start in 2021, ORG has collected over half a billion plastic bottles while making significant strides in renewable waste infrastructure and community sustainability efforts.

4G Recycling, with a legacy spanning over a century in the recycling industry, is a pioneer in innovation and sustainability. Its deep commitment to environmental stewardship has driven its continual evolution and cemented its position as one of the top private recyclers in the United States. From secure shredding to recycling equipment installs, 4G has vast capabilities, allowing its customers to fully rely on one company to execute recycling objectives. As a leader in sustainable waste management solutions, 4G Recycling drives positive environmental impact and supports a circular economy.

AE Global (AEG) is a custom packaging design company and supply chain solution provider servicing industries including Agriculture, Food and beverage, Cannabis and hemp, Contract Packaging, Health and beauty, Pharmaceutical, and Wine and spirits. Its services include structural and graphic design, artwork management, quick-turn prototyping, packaging manufacturing and sourcing, warehousing, and distribution. AEG’s innovation lab develops custom packaging products, including EZ-Lock™, which is made from recycled and ocean-bound plastics collected by Ocean Recovery Group.

To learn more about Ocean Recovery Group and its partnerships, visit  https://oceanrecoverygroup.com.