The Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO), developer of Greek aquaculture, fosters the growth and development of its members and aims to establish Greek aquaculture’s leadership position in domestic and international markets. 

HAPO honours collectivity, respect among its members and consumers, pride for the industry and its products and acts as a resource hub to support members in navigating the complexities of the aquaculture industry.  HAPO implements a dynamic CSR program and operates in accordance to Sustainable Development practices and Blue Economy principles.

Transparency, best practices, and fostering a deeper understanding of the aquaculture sector.

Greece is a significant player in aquaculture, with a rich tradition and a commitment to sustainable practices. Participating in the Reuters docu-series “Ocean Titans” was a significant milestone for the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO), an exceptional opportunity to showcase Greece’s aquaculture industry on a global platform. As a leading representative of Greece’s aquaculture, HAPO recognizes the significance of actively engaging in initiatives that promote transparency, showcasing best practices, and fostering a deeper understanding of the aquaculture sector. By joining “Ocean Titans”, HAPO aimed to highlight the importance of Greece’s aquaculture industry, its commitment to sustainable practices, its contribution to global seafood production, its role towards ensuring food security and protecting our oceans, the innovative approaches employed by Greek aquaculture producers and to inspire positive change within the industry.

Production volume and value

The increasing demand for fisheries products combined with the country’s competitive advantages, i.e., ideal climate, quality of water, deep seas, strong currents and geography, contributed to the development of aquaculture. Since 1980 this activity has emerged as one of the most competitive for Greece, holding one of the leading positions in the production of Mediterranean species at a European and global level. 

In 2022 the total production of Mediterranean aquaculture fish reached 123,000 tons. The two basic marine species Sea Bream (sparus aurata) and Sea Bass (dysentrarchus labrax) comprise 96% of production, while species such as meagre (argyrosomus regius) and pagrus (pagrus major) consist of 4% of production. 

In 2022 Sea Bream and Sea Bass production amounted to 123,000 tons. Approximately, Sea Bream is 58% of the production volume and Sea Bass for 42%.

Contribution of fisheries products to the trade balance

In 2022, fish was ranked 3rd in terms of export value after fruits/vegetables and dairy and 10th in terms of volume of agricultural and food exports. According to the categorization of ELSTAT and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food for the “fish and fish preparations” category.


Greece has one of the highest aquaculture employment rates in the EU. A large number of these jobs are created in remote areas of the Greek territory, with limited job opportunities, which significantly contributes to the economic development of local communities.

Promoting Sustainability and Best Practices

HAPO’s participation in “Ocean Titans” allows the organization to emphasize its dedication to sustainability and responsible aquaculture practices. By sharing success stories, innovative techniques and best practices employed by Greek aquaculture producers, HAPO showcases how the industry can meet the increasing demand for seafood while minimizing environmental impacts. Through successes and challenges faced by the industry, it helps reinforce the message that sustainability is not only a desirable goal but an achievable one, with real-world examples that inspire other industry players.

Enhancing Transparency and Consumer Trust

In an era where consumers are becoming more discerning about the origins of their food and the environmental impact of their choices, transparency and trust are crucial. By participating in the docu-series, HAPO demonstrates its commitment to transparency, traceability, and responsible sourcing. This engagement helps build consumer trust by providing insights into the industry’s practices, highlighting efforts to protect the environment, and showcasing the dedication of Greek aquaculture producers to meeting the highest quality standards.

Inspiring Action and positive change

Ultimately, the goal of HAPO is to assist the growth of its members and as such the growth of the industry by inspiring action and encourage positive change. HAPO’s involvement in the docu-series was driven by a desire to inspire positive change within the aquaculture industry and beyond. By showcasing the successes and lessons learned from Greek aquaculture, the series will motivate viewers to reconsider their perceptions and embrace sustainable seafood choices. HAPO’s participation became a catalyst for raising awareness, generating discussions, and encouraging stakeholders, individuals, organizations, and governments to support, to invest and to take action towards a more sustainable future.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Participating in “Ocean Titans” enables HAPO to associate with other industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders from around the world. This facilitates knowledge sharing, exchange of ideas, and the development of strategic partnerships. By coming together on a global platform, HAPO contributes to the collective effort to address common challenges, promote sustainable practices, and create a more resilient and responsible aquaculture industry worldwide.

HAPO’s participation in the Reuters docu-series “Ocean Titans” serves as a platform to highlight Greece’s commitment to sustainable aquaculture practices.

In a world grappling with complex environmental challenges, a docu-series on sustainability in aquaculture can play a pivotal role in informing, inspiring, and engaging audiences. By raising awareness about the environmental impacts of aquaculture, showcasing best practices, addressing consumer concerns, engaging stakeholders, and inspiring action, the series can contribute to the ongoing global efforts to ensure the long-term sustainability of our oceans and the seafood industry. 

HAPO wants to be part of this captivating journey of exploration and discovery, fostering a future where responsible aquaculture thrives and our oceans thrive alongside it. Moving forward, HAPO will continue to be at the forefront of promoting sustainable aquaculture practices and driving innovation, ensuring a thriving and resilient future for the industry. Through collaboration, knowledge exchange, and enhancing consumer confidence, it aspires to contribute to the global efforts in ensuring sustainable seafood production, protecting marine ecosystems, and providing a secure food source for future generations.

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