PharmaMar is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the research and development of new oncology treatments, whose mission is to improve the healthcare outcomes of patients afflicted by serious diseases with our innovative medicines.

PharmaMar’s identity and approach to discovering marine-derived medicines

The vastness of the ocean remains largely uncharted, with only 5% of its expansion explored by humans. Beneath its surface lies approximately 80% of all life on Earth. Amidst this unknown realm, a pioneering pharmaceutical company, PharmaMar, has set its sights on discovering marine-derived medicines while ensuring the preservation of the ocean.

PharmaMar, based in Spain, is a global leader specializing in the research, development, and commercialization of marine anti-cancer drugs. Founded in 1986, the Company recognized the potential of the ocean as a source of invaluable medicines, given that nature has already provided remarkable compounds like penicillin. With 80% of living species being marine, PharmaMar embarked on a groundbreaking journey. Today, they have obtained approval and successfully commercialized three marine anti-cancer drugs, consolidating their position as the world leader in this field.

The process at PharmaMar begins with marine expeditions, collecting samples from diverse locations worldwide. Back at their labs, these samples undergo rigorous testing to assess their biological activity, particularly in killing cancer cells. Once an active compound is identified, PharmaMar employs a synthetic process to reproduce it in the laboratory, ensuring a sustainable supply. The subsequent stages involve preclinical and clinical trials to verify efficacy and safety. Upon regulatory approval, PharmaMar’s drugs are made available to patients, bringing the journey from seaside to bedside.

The sea’s role as a source material is central to PharmaMar’s identity, and they approach it with respect and responsibility. Sustainability is deeply ingrained in their business practices. They possess a long-term sustainability plan that encompasses all aspects, including suppliers, partners, and stakeholders. Notably, they have adapted their marine expeditions by collaborating with local academics and researchers, reducing emissions and sharing knowledge to benefit the local environment.

PharmaMar’s research efforts extend beyond anti-cancer drugs. With the largest collection of marine samples in the world, they have recently begun exploring antiviral compounds, finding promising results. Their vision for the future includes not only cancer treatments but also potential breakthroughs in areas such as antivirals, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs. 

The team at PharmaMar is driven by their commitment to making a positive impact on patients’ lives. They are proud of their accomplishments and the solutions they have provided in the field of cancer treatment. Looking ahead, they remain enthusiastic about the future, continuously exploring the seas for new medicines with novel mechanisms to address various diseases. Their journey is guided by a sense of responsibility, knowing that the well-being of humanity is intertwined with the health and preservation of the marine environments they rely upon.

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