In an ever-evolving energy landscape, Seadrill is proud to be a leader at the forefront of the offshore drilling industry. From shallow to ultra-deep water, in both harsh and benign environments, we safely and efficiently deliver offshore drilling services to our customers Globally.

At Seadrill, we hold ourselves accountable as responsible stewards in the communities where we operate. Our sustainability framework – Environment, Safe Operations, Social, and Governance – underscores our commitment to aligning our activities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Seadrill has self-reported to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) since 2010 and received an industry-leading B rating in 2023.

In our documentary, delve into how Seadrill spearheads the offshore drilling sector by prioritizing the protection of our offshore crews, minimizing our environmental footprint, and consistently innovating to provide the most sustainable solutions for our customers.


Safety Consciousness is a fundamental value at Seadrill, and our employees are our top priority. Seadrill is dedicated to establishing a secure work environment where accidents are prevented, and everyone’s well-being is prioritized. We have developed mental health programs, such as our BeWell program, to ensure that our employees receive the best preventative care, both mentally and physically.

Seadrill also invests in safety training for our offshore crews with various initiatives, including our Start Safe seminars and the Seadrill Development Academy in Dubai. In a safe learning environment, Start Safe allows our offshore crews to focus on the core elements of our task planning system PIMED, which stands for “Plan, Identify, Manage, Execute, and Debrief.” In 2023, the Seadrill Development Academy in Dubai was established, and is equipped with a state-of-the-art drilling simulator that allows drillers and assistant drillers to enhance their skills with real-life scenarios, preparing them for various scenarios and challenges in an environment where they can “fail safe”.


We are constantly innovating and deploying the latest technologies to reduce the carbon intensity of our operations. In 2022, the West Saturn, our premiere seventh generation ultra-deepwater drillship, underwent significant upgrades representing Seadrill’s commitment to making our rigs safer, smarter, more efficient, and less carbon intensive. Among other innovations, we successfully implemented an advanced generator protection system that allows the rig to run fewer engines, with benefits of burning less fuel and creating less emissions.


We are committed to the preservation and protection of the oceans in which we operate, with minimum or no impact to the marine environment. For offshore drilling operations, the Blowout Preventer (BOP) is a crucial barrier to prevent the release of oil into the ocean. Another way Seadrill mitigates risk of spills is through the use of advanced technologies for Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD), which is an adaptive drilling process used to precisely control pressure throughout the wellbore. Seadrill is an industry-leader in MPD capabilities and will have 10 rigs outfitted with the capability by year-end 2024.

When it comes to marine life and biodiversity, it’s important that we have no net loss on any protected or threatened species. Seadrill, like all operators of marine vessels, are required to comply with hull cleaning regulations. Hull cleaning is the process of removing marine growth, such as algae, barnacles, and other organisms from the hulls of the rig. This is crucial for preventing cross-contamination of sea life from one location to the next and for decreasing the carbon intensity of our rigs in transit.

Seadrill remains resolute in our pursuit of safe operations, innovation, and sustainable practices

for a cleaner future for our industry and the planet.

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