Sustainable and socially conscious future for the maritime industry

Sustainable and socially conscious future for the maritime industry

Charting a safe, sustainable and socially conscious future for the maritime industry

Our unrivalled combination of years of seafaring expertise, vast access to data, analytics and an intuitive digital platform means we offer pertinent, balanced insights to our customer across the maritime ecosystem, supporting them on a journey to zero harm.

By this we mean zero harm to ships, to the cargo those ships carry, to the seafarers diligently carrying out their duties on board, and of course, zero harm to the environment the vessels are trading in.

Actively incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics spanning marine emissions and pollution, crew welfare and ship safety into the solutions we offer, are all essential elements of a zero harm vision.

We’re dedicated to supporting our customers to meet government and industry emission reduction targets, decarbonisation and air quality initiatives through our GHG rating, Carbon Accounting tool and Maritime Emissions Portal. 

Our Safety Score, vettings and inspections services highlight the importance of good safety practices on board and support the industry in striving for excellence. 

Finally, the seafarer`s Code of Conduct and Crew Welfare Assessment demonstrate the ambition that weaves through everything we do – that each seafarer should return home safely from their voyage, thanks to well-managed working environments supporting the health and wellbeing of every crew member. 

At RightShip, we’ve seen an increasing demand for transparency and verifiable data. Our insights, and the truth they provide are collated and measured by our experts. Vitally, this means that those results can also be managed, allowing the maritime industry certainty that it’s making progress towards a safe, sustainable and socially conscious future.

Data And Industry Experts

We combine years of industry experience, analytics and large data sets to provide our safety and environmental scoring systems, recommendations and advice, all delivered through one easy to use platform. Using our risk management and best practice tools, you’re able to make informed decisions in an environment that is a constant state of flux.

We have an obligation to drive change using our data. From decarbonisation to future fuels and land-based fuel infrastructure – this is a trillion-dollar exercise. There is an enormously heavy pull towards a zero-carbon maritime economy, and RightShip has the data and expertise to play a significant role in this.

A consistent theme in the DNA of RightShip is the power of collaboration. To achieve lasting success, RightShip must work not only as a united team, but in close cooperation with individuals, maritime businesses, associations and governments. With a shared vision for a maritime industry that causes zero harm, we can deliver innovative safety, sustainability and human rights solutions.

We’re not just about reducing emissions and improving operational efficiency. We seek to provide all people in the supply chain with safe and practical business solutions, so that the industry can continue to thrive.