Veramaris is expanding access to sustainable Omega-3 that’s rich in both EPA+DHA with the world’s first ASC-MSC-certified microalgae oil for fish and shrimp feed.

From their headquarters in Delft, Netherlands, to their advanced production facility in Blair, Nebraska, Veramaris collaborates with value chain partners to support the entire seafood industry in both creating and capturing value.

From the scientist to the shopper, Veramaris algal oil delivers confidence and ease of use to mitigate Omega-3 supply risk, and attain better performance, less waste, and higher quality seafood.

Veramaris: Powering Blue Food with Nature’s Source of Omega-3

Seafood is an important part of a well-balanced diet for people. Not only rich in protein, it also offers an abundance of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids — commonly known as Omega-3 — that are critical for our health and wellbeing. This naturally makes seafood more popular than ever.

By 2050, the amount of people eating blue food (i.e. fish, shellfish, and seaweed) is expected to double, yet our planet’s fisheries are simply not sufficient to handle this growing demand.

To meet this need, retailers are increasingly turning to farm-raised seafood, also called aquaculture. Farm-raised seafood has been dependent upon wild-caught fish to ensure farmed fish and shrimp receive sufficient levels of Omega-3 via fish oil added to their feed. That’s where Veramaris comes in.

Sustainable development driven by innovation

Veramaris provides a totally new, ASC-MSC-certified sustainable source of Omega- 3 (including EPA & DHA — two of the most essential nutrients for healthy people and animals). Our natural marine algal oil is a truly viable and reliable alternative to the traditionally used fish oil, adding to the overall supply of Omega-3.

This breakthrough reduces risk for the aquaculture supply chain, and gives farmers greater control over feed specifications to determine Omega-3 levels in their fish, ensuring the health of the animals and the healthiness of the resulting seafood too.

At Veramaris — established in 2019 as a DSM-Firmenich and Evonik joint venture our ongoing aim is to support the sustainable growth of aquaculture by creating a reliable source of nutrition for farmers, while limiting the burden on the world’s oceans. However, Veramaris could not make change happen alone. We depend on partnerships and cooperation throughout the value chain to help bring our innovation to scale.

By collaborating with partners throughout the seafood value chain to apply our innovative algal oil for optimum nutrition, we create added value by enabling sustainable growth and improved productivity for our customers.

Thanks to these key partnerships, our algal oil is already widely used in salmon, shrimp, and other marine fish feed to offer a sustainable alternative source of Omega-3.

Our ongoing collaboration with many partners, including Skretting (a global aquaculture feed leader) and Grieg Seafood (one of the world’s leading salmon farming companies), has helped us make an impact by ensuring the widespread adoption of algal oil as a feed ingredient in just a few years since the launch of the commercial product in 2019.

The implementation of our algal oil across the seafood value chain is the result of long-term cooperation, and we look forward to continuing to bring value, stability, and health to our entire industry.

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