Water Revolution Foundation was started from within the superyacht industry to tackle its ecological footprint and preserve the world’s precious oceans. The foundation is working to drive regenerative development alongside leading ocean science bodies and provide the knowledge, tools, and best practices needed to accelerate sustainable change in the sector.

The superyacht industry is in a unique strategic position to lead the transition toward a more environmentally responsible and innovative maritime sector. Water Revolution Foundation is facilitating this ecological and digital transition: offering a collaborative platform and investing in ocean conservation while also introducing more sustainable technologies and enhancing digital tools to reduce environmental impact. The foundation began when a group of key players joined forces upon the realisation that the industry must significantly reduce its environmental impact in order to become future-proof – and to achieve a coordinated, science-guided approach, collaboration is key, both for technological and ecological transition. Expertise and long-term experience in the sector must be combined with the scientific tools and knowledge available in order to advance collectively in the new direction. With the support of its partners, composed of the industry’s most esteemed builders, designers, suppliers and refit yards, the foundation has introduced a number of tailored tools and programmes to educate on and subsequently reduce yachting’s environmental impact and maximise its intrinsic connection with the oceans. 

By instigating a paradigm shift in how the sector can tackle environmental impact, moving away from just mitigation or offsetting of negative effects and moving towards a more nature-centric approach, the habits and mindsets of the yachting community and end-users alike can be changed. Implementing innovation and technology within the framework of sustainability to mitigate impacts is key and imperative in every field – but it’s simply not enough. The foundation is therefore equally focused on investing in ocean conservation as a business proposition, and this shift involves changing the way members of the industry think about and interact with the ocean. By prioritising conservation and restoration of marine ecosystems, a regenerative process that can help ensure that the ocean remains a vital resource for generations to come will be realised.

In order to facilitate these systemic changes and assume collective responsibility, concrete action must be showcased and a collaborative approach guided by science taken toward the new era of regenerative development. Hence the development of the Ocean Assist programme: to effectuate the above-mentioned collective responsibility, commitment and concrete action through an approach aligned with Agenda 2030 and SDG17 to build up strategic partnerships for sustainable development. By funding the most effective projects from ocean scientists and implementing their results into yachting practices for adapting towards a more sustainable ocean use, we are facilitating awareness, education, science, connection with international bodies in ocean conservation, due diligence, and concrete measurable action. Ocean Assist delivers transformative ocean conservation at scale, prioritising projects and adopting scientific tools that are urgently needed to protect nature so that the superyacht community can maximise its financial and non-financial resources to support nature-based solutions and aid the global effort to contribute to marine ecosystem restoration. This will enable the yachting community to maximise their support, utilise their fleet as a force for positive change, implement sustainable practices, promote innovative ocean zoning policy, and as such become true ocean stewards.

Ultimately, Water Revolution Foundation is enabling the yachting community to take a united, regenerative approach through the reduction of environmental impact, combined with a strong commitment to ocean conservation achieved through collaboration and a significant change of mindset and practices.

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