Global Maritime Professionals: shaping the world, empowering the Philippines, and inspiring generations

Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) is a leader in the maritime industry, fostering Filipino excellence at sea for close to 45 years. Through robust training, alliances with global leaders, and government engagement, PTC creates top-notch maritime professionals, champions sustainability, promotes shipping careers, and prioritizes a culture of care for both people and the planet. 

The PTC Global Maritime Professional  

A global maritime professional on every vessel, in every sea, moving the world.  

Seafarers are the unsung heroes of the global economy, responsible for transporting over 80% of the world’s goods. Their work is essential for our daily lives. The seafaring profession is a major contributor to the Philippine economy, generating over $6.7 billion in remittances in 2022 alone.  

PTC is committed to transforming seafarers into the most sought-after Global Maritime Professionals (GMPs), navigating the world’s waters on state-of-the-art vessels and contributing to the sustainable advancement of the Philippine maritime industry.  

GMPs are the heart and soul of shipping, responsible for operating and maintaining ships. They play a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of maritime operations. They are committed to protecting the marine environment and working with new technologies and practices to reduce the impact of shipping on the environment.  

A Total Solutions Social Infrastructure Platform    

For nearly 45 years, PTC has harnessed the best maritime talent – guaranteeing every principal safe, secure, and efficient shipping while promising every Global Maritime Professional rewarding years at sea.   

A key focus of PTC is the company’s world-class training capability designed to harness talent, refine competency, and inspire the youth to opt for maritime careers. The goal of this educational roadmap is to create Filipino seafarers qualified for the highest positions on the world’s cargo and cruise vessels.  

Engaging Youth Interest in Maritime  

The maritime industry’s demand for skilled seafarers will only increase, and it is important to attract and retain young people to the profession.   

PTC nurtures a committed engagement with the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in its efforts to protect the marine environment and promote responsible maritime careers. Through these collaborative youth-focused programs, a love for the oceans is promoted, awareness of marine environment concerns is raised and a curiosity about maritime careers is piqued.  

Smarter, Disaster-Resilient Communities  

At the core of everything PTC does is its promise to not only move the world but to look after it. PTC’s greatest assets – its shore staff, seafarers and their families – thrive in the company’s culture of care built on a foundation of people-and planet-centric values and programs.   

With its technology partner Smart Development Institute (SDI), PTC is enhancing the GMPs’ first responder skills with mobile technology that enables disaster preparedness in GMP communities.  

The PTC GMP: a Role Model and Ocean Titan   

GMPs play an increasingly important role in protecting the environment, inspiring the youth in their communities and representing the promise and possibilities that a maritime career offers.  

A Bright Future for PTC GMPs  

The future of seafaring is bright. The maritime industry is expected to continue to grow in the years to come, and there will be a strong demand for skilled seafarers. PTC is committed to preparing the next generation of seafarers for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, as they continue to move a world that is cleaner, greener, safer, and sound.  

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This documentary is part of the Ocean Titans, an official series of the World Ocean Council and brought to you by Special Interest Films.