Sitka Seafood Market: From local fishermen to your plate – a transparent seafood journey

Sitka Seafood Market is the premier wild-caught seafood direct to consumer marketplace offering the highest quality, sustainably harvested seafood available. With every subscription box, our members are directly connected to the fishermen and fishing communities that have harvested from these fisheries for generations.

It’s a well documented fact that fraud is rampant in the seafood industry. Unfortunately, seafood is often mislabeled or marketed as “wild-caught” and “sustainable” when it’s actually farmed or comes from depleted or unsustainable fisheries. What’s more, tangled and complicated supply chains ship fish thousands of miles across the globe and back for third party processing before it arrives at the U.S. consumer’s plate.

Sitka Seafood Market set out to address this opaque system and connect Americans directly with the best of the best wild, sustainable seafood Alaska has to offer. We started off by shaking hands and selling fish caught by small boat fishermen that were friends and family at local farmers markets. That evolved into a seafood system that delivers sustainable, traceable seafood to people’s doors directly from the source. We assess fisheries and seafood processors with stringent sourcing standards so that American consumers can feel great knowing they’re supporting locally harvested, high quality, sustainable seafood from the most responsible small boat fisheries and quality-driven seafood suppliers Along the way, we began to build a community of sustainable seafood consumers. We’re different from the commodity seafood market — we disrupted the traditional seafood system by building a direct connection between consumers and producers, and by delivering the story behind high quality seafood to the consumer’s door.

We believe that knowing the who, where, and how your fish was caught is how to trust and truly have a connection with the seafood that is on your plate. We built a community of supporters who understand the importance of knowing the source of their fish and value being able to connect to the people and places that provided it. This community is part of a growing global movement of people who support wild, sustainable, traceable seafood.

We’re building knowledge and understanding of sustainably managed fisheries with good sourcing practices to ensure our customers are getting the best possible seafood there is. We know there is a better way to work with fishermen directly and ensure people know where their food comes from. The country is underserved with good-quality seafood, and we know we can do better by improving the supply chain by removing so many intermediaries within the process and getting fish to people more quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is to build trust and allow our customers to rely on us to put in the work of finding high-quality seafood that is sustainable, equitable, and well managed. We want people to know that they can enjoy Sitka Seafood Market because they know exactly where the fish came from. Our sourcing standards are rooted in respect for the ocean and equity in the supply chain. We employ a 9-point sourcing standard that evaluates the fisheries and the partners we work with to ensure the highest quality fish, as well as fish from the best sustainable fisheries available. We work to build communities of fishermen, but we also work to build a community of consumers to be able to know where their fish comes from and to understand the quality of each delivery.

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