SGMF is a membership-based organization leading safe maritime decarbonization with members across the full value chain of marine fuels, including suppliers, operators, owners, equipment manufacturers, class societies, port authorities, individuals and training organizations. It is the go-to resource for cutting edge technology and know-how, drawing on best practice to produce guidelines for the industry so that gaseous fuels are used safely and sustainably.


Over the last few years, the maritime transport industry has come under increasing pressure to improve its environmental performance and minimize the emissions from its fuel consumption.

SGMF can leverage current capabilities essential for addressing climate change and the use of multiple fuels, as you will see, SGMF members are actively pursuing decarbonization, and shipping is making real progress.


Since it was established in 2013, SGMF has been a pioneer in shaping the industry’s approach to methane/LNG. At present, its mandate encompasses a variety of new low and zero carbon marine fuels, providing guidance for the use of methanol, ammonia, and hydrogen. This expansion aligns with the evolving landscape of the marine fuel mix.

Here you will find a number of free resources to help to facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable future:

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